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Adact Medical / Case study

About the client

Adact Medical provides a testing and submission service under the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). They work with clients at every stage of getting their e-cigarette products to the market, while providing access to information relating to TPD products listed with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.

Our brief

Adact Medical was one of many companies given software through which it could make TPD submissions. United Europe had revised the existing software, but it soon became apparent it was not fit for purpose.

Recognising an opportunity for more efficient, accessible software, Adact Medical came to us for help. We were asked to design a diverse CRM system capable of containing thousands of products – something the United Europe model simply wasn’t capable of.

What we did

Aware of the problems Adact faced with the United Europe system, we set to work on creating bespoke software that would meet the company’s needs.

We added a series of features to the software, as well as creating a system that would improve the service they could offer to customers.

The system we created currently holds around half a million products and 1.5 million presentations, far exceeding the capabilities of the original software. It is now possible to save the same product, even when it features under several different brand names.

Using the United Europe model, Adact would have needed hundreds of different programs in place, but our bespoke software solution contains all the functionality within one system.

Moving forward

After using the software, Adact found itself able to reach 30% of the UK market – something that wouldn’t have previously been possible. Information relating to submissions can be added to the system with greater ease, which in turn has brought benefits to Adact’s client base.

The company is able to offer its customers a quicker service that’s capable of reaching a greater capacity, therefore improving its competitive edge.

Six months later, we’re still adding features and improving the software. Adact is able to provide us with feedback that enables us to make whatever changes are necessary, which we can easily action to make the product even more responsive.

How can EasyCode help you?

Our client came to us with a problem – namely that the United Europe software didn’t do what it should – and we provided a bespoke software solution.

This is just one example of how tailored software is far more efficient than off-the-shelf products. To find out more about how Easy Code can help your business, fill in the form below.

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Bespoke Software Solutions Bespoke Software Solutions
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